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Ink and Toner
Canon Cli-36 Colored Ink Cartridge - Color - Inkjet - 2-pack 1511B002-K
Prix : 31.99$

Ink and Toner
Xerox Yellow High Capacity Toner Cartridge for Phaser 7500 106R01438
Prix : 143.05$

Kyocera Ecosys P2235dw Laser Printer - Monochrome - 35 ppm Mono - 1200 x 1200 dpi Print - Automatic Duplex Print - 350 Sheets Input - Wireless LAN
Prix : 143.45$

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miniprice.ca Newsletter #10
November 4, 2010

2 years has elapsed since the last newsletter, when version 2.0 came out meilleursprix.ca. Many updates have been made and version 2.3 is now online. Cached pages, multiples pictures formats, availability, new retailers, retailers review, new categories, improved browsing, ...

Cached pages

Miniprice.ca now store all visited web pages in their integrity, and for a time period of 60 days. Why? The retailer's "Lowest Price Guarantee" can be useful in order to save money, but you need to have in hand a proof. Times to times, prices drop and back up quickly. Without our cached copies, find the good page who displayed the price, 2 days ago by example, is almost impossible.

Multiples pictures formats

Miniprice.ca now diplay 3 pictures formats (when available). The 2 new formats are thumbnail and big picture. Browsing is therefore more pleasant and efficient.


Miniprice.ca now display if the product is available, and when available, the quantity in stock. This prevents you click to the website of a retailer if it is out of stock.

New retailers

Buy.com Canada
The Source

Retailers reviews

Like for products, it is now possible to review and leave your comment about a retailer. You only need to click the Review column in a product file.

New categories

Multiple categories have been added since 2 years. Here some of them :
Home cinema
eBook reader
Satellite radio
Video game

Improved browsing

The browsing of multiple pages have been improved in order to find searched information in less click. For example, since the form of a product, it is possible to return to the category list, finally! In addition, the account managing now use a tab browsing style and Web 2.0 technology, finally! Several other minor improvements were also made to the website.

Here is a list of retailers currently followed :

Best Buy
Buy.com Canada
Future Shop
The Source

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